You look wonderful tonight.

And then she’ll ask me
Do I look all-right?
And I’ll say: You look wonderful tonight…

Well, this is “the (romantic/English) song” of my life. Each and every note of the electric guitar (specially in the overture of the song) trembles my soul beyond description. 
There are many versions of this song and many great and respectable artists have covered this song but for me the Clapton’s version is the ultimate one. It’s nearly the perfection. I am referring specially to the one that accents the electric guitar. For the record, I am not the fan of electric guitar at all. 
In my dream wedding I will be dancing with “Banoo” (the one!) while Eric Clapton is singing I feel wonderful tonight. And indeed I reckon I’d feel wonderful that night.
*The video is the version which Clapton and Dire Straight preformed at Wembley Stadium in a concert called Freedom fest (I’m not sure though!).