Mir Hossein, A man whom a nation calls him by first name..

There is no good compromise between bad and worse, but there is still scope for damage control.

I read the mentioned sentence in NY Times today and immediately my mind dragged me to Iran and it’s infamous presidential election.

Mir Hossein, in his 18th manifest, wrote:

There were some people among the green line […] whom were saying they will choose the bad, among bad and worse and this choice had made the continuity of that line possible. The real correction and amelioration will start from this distinguishing ability and responsibility for their choice.

Majority of Iranians tried their best to do some “damage control” but their silent demonstrations was crashed by the roaring sound of bullet and mindless faithfulness.
Now its been about 160 days that he is imprisoned with his wife. And I missed him, not because he was an old politician whom called himself “the bad choice” but because he proved himself to us to be an artist whom can’t break his vows to us.