I found this poem and enjoyed reading it. I was reading about averaging the noise caused by the environment out in a quantum system and read this poem in my break. So the part that reads “the Sufis spin to find God”,  just clicked!

I am awake in a warmness

From being next to you

As seasons change

A very subtle action in the desert


I know why the Sufis spin

To find God

Ordinary consciousness gets lost

In the details of our life


I see the image of the pearl

Starting out as an irritation

Incubating under water for years

A beauty unmatched by just waiting


I at this season of life

Am learning how to wait

Touching a force beyond my control

A movement to open


W. McCaffrey


همیشه با نگاه تو، از تو عبور می‌کنم

به سحر می‌گویم که به من باز بگو

که کدامین نفس گرم مرا خواهد خواند

به تماشای هزاران سخن چلچه‌ها

که کدامین عطش مانده به لب

که کدامین تب و تاریکی و تنهایی و شب

به من آوای رهایی دادند.

من هنوز هم شب‌ها، پی آواز تو تا آخر خط خواهم رفت.


Poem of the week 1

Poem by Ahmad Shamloo.
Bellow you can find a rough translation.

There is enigma in tears.
There is unfathomable mystery in smile.
And love is a conundrum itself.
And tears of that night were nothing but my love smiling at you!

I’m not a story to tell,
I’m not a song to sing,
I’m not a sound to hear,
neither something to see, nor something to know!
We are sharing the same grief, let’s shout and let it out.

Tree chats with the forest,
Grass mingles with the meadow,
Star communicates with the galaxy
and I’m talking with you.


Fresh Start!

Atoms with consciousness…
Matter with curiosity.

Stands at the sea…
Wonders at wondering…
I… a universe of atoms…
an atom in the universe.

-Richard Feynman