Why I’m happy about the #IranDeal

I am happy!
After 22 months of what seemed to be an endless (and at some points futile) negotiations, Iran and P5+1 signed a deal on an unnecessary, decade- long crisis over Iran’s Nuclear Program. 11141257_10155807896305486_641910199909682575_nI call it unnecessary because it could have been avoided if different people where in the office in Iran’s and P5+1’s. I am happy for the people of Iran as the sanctions brutally underwhelmed the country’s economy and nobody felt this and suffered more than an Iranian patient whom couldn’t buy his medications due to the sanctions.

I am happy because…
Middle Class
Some believe that during AhmadiNejad’s era Iranian middle class disappeared! Partially due to the crippling sanctions and the unprecedented mismanagement. This is in fact very alarming, since the sciopolitical transition towards democracy is powered by middle class. The sanctioned injured the middle-class. The class that generally seeks social progress; the class that changes Iran towards moderation and modernization. During the post #IranDeal celebrations in Tehran’s street, there are videos that show how people are demanding the government to free their Green leaders. They were carrying signs that say “This is the end for the hardliners“.

As Mir Hossein Mousavi said 6 years ago:

Protect the fire of hope in your hearts. Hope is the core of our identity.



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